For some reason, like re branding initiative or creating a new website on a new domain, you now have a different site than the one you entered in the Google Webmaster Tool. This is not a problem because Google will allow you to change the address of your website.

Understand this first that if you do not change the address of your website, you are going to lose traffic and eventually, revenue. The new Betfair Promo Code that you are offering to your customers on your casino site will never be found. People will simply land on the wrong casino pages and never know about the promotion that you are running. You don’t want this to happen which is why you want to make the necessary changes. Here is how you can do it.

There are four steps to change the web address of your casino site:

First, you will have to set up a new casino site. Make sure that the new casino site is up, and running in perfect condition. There are no errors, especially coding related.

Now, you need to redirect the traffic from your old site to the new site. This will make sure that your customers are reaching the correct landing pages. To redirect traffic, you will be using 301 redirect rules that will tell the users, as well as search engines, that the casino website has moved and that they now must visit a different site.

You will now repeat the process and add your new casino website to the Google Webmaster tool area. Once again, you will have to verify that you own and that you have access to this site.

Finally, you will tell Google that the old domain has now changed to a new one by initiating the change “Change of Address” settings.