Google is the undisputed and uncrowned king of the Internet. Google search is their primary product and to make it more friendly and accessible, they have the AdWords program for advertisers and the Webmasters Tool for the site owners. Webmaster tool helps you keep track of your site’s health helping you make better and informed decisions.

Here is how it works:

You can use your GMail account or create a new one. Use it to log in to Webmasters tool account. Once in, you will have to verify your website to prove that you own the site and have access to the same. There are four ways to do it.

  • If you know how to edit DNS (domain name servers) work, you can add a DNS record on the site where your domain is hosted
  • If you understand and can edit HTML codes, you can choose this option and add a meta tag to your site’s core code on the homepage
  • If you have access to the cPanel or files of the site using the FTP (file transfer protocol) option, you will need to download an HTML file from Google’s webmaster tool interface and upload it your site’s cPanel
  • You can verify your site by adding your Google Analytics account to your webmaster tool account too

Now, you will know how many pages of your site are indexed on Google, how fast or slow are they in loading, manage XML files and so on.

Google is a behemoth but that doesn’t mean that the company is without its flaws. You will be helping Google help you to better rank and serve your customers by resolving all the issues in the webmaster’s tools area.

You must submit a sitemap, XML format, by following the on-screen guidance that they provide. Just hit the start button.