There are quite a few sites and tools available on the web that will help you analyse visitor stats for any given site. Here are some of the best of them:


SimilarWeb works pretty much the same way as Alexa Ranking works, however, SimilarWeb is able to pull more data than Alexa Rankings making it that much more useful for data analysis.

You also get to see a line graph where you can compare metrics like site visitors, sources, and backlinks. Apart from this, SimilarWeb will also help you find out more websites that are similar to the one you are researching. Traffic sources are broken down by countries and demographics.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs shines in the search engine rankings comparison department. When you search for your website and your competitor’s website, Authority Labs will display the rankings side by side. This will allow you to make much better and informed decisions. You will also see data from the Google Analytics accounts which will allow you to check the number of searches and traffic you can expect.

Youtube Views

A lot of website owners are incorporating videos on their website. The thing is that Youtube video views work very differently from website traffic. But it is important nonetheless. In order to check the number of views your videos are getting, you will have to check on the Youtube site. Log in to your dashboard and you should see the analytics option.


There are no other leading website visitor stats and analytics tools in the world than perhaps Quantcast. They are known to be reliable and are an authority in the niche. The data set is however, small, which makes one wonder how accurate can it be. Like Alexa, Quantcast can collect data only from participating websites which makes it a little limiting.