When you visit any website for the first time, you will usually check the content of the site, as well as how to check the amount of traffic, or visitors, the website is getting.

Here are 3 websites that you can use to check the traffic of any site that you are visiting:

Alexa Ranking

Alexa Rankings are not known to be the most accurate, however, you will get a pretty decent idea about the position of the website when compared with other sites. However, Alexa only counts those visitors who have the Alexa toolbar installed, which makes it a little less helpful. But, if you are looking to get an overall idea, it is a good tool. It will show you the rank of the website and some traffic stats.


SEMRush is a more accurate tool used by widely by most webmasters and site analysts who want to gauge their traffic and understand the patterns forming behind them. It will share a number of useful metrics like rankings, competitors, advertisers, and so on. It is easy to use and allows you to do a comprehensive analysis.


This is for the more serious website owners who are also running a big business. Ahrefs is a little expensive when compared with other visitor stats sites shared on this list, however, it is worth every penny. You can search for new and old back-links, broken links, demographics, countries, rankings, pages receiving max traffic, and so on.

There is so much data available for you to analysis that you will find it overwhelming to keep track of everything. However, once you get the hang of it, it is a piece of cake.

Ahrefs is also a great tool to analyse your competitor’s data which will help you beat them in search and social rankings.