Having a good statistics platform for your website will help you monitor and observe your visitors in real time. You can measure and easily track the number of people visiting your website, what pages were visited, what search terms and search engines were used to find your site. Some of the tools available today, you can conveniently use on your mobile device to get all these data and there are also customisable solutions. However, figuring out which tool is the best for your site is more important. Starting with a free package may be best for your site if it isn’t earning you any money yet. You may want to pay for a few more features as your site grows later. These solutions will allow you to monitor your web data effectively and show you that you can make a lot of money from your site.
AWStats: Many web hosting companies will usually pre-install AWStats, otherwise you can download it for your personal use if you’re setting it up on your own servers. It comes with all of the useful tools you need to measure your visitor stats and also detects bandwidth stealing.
Amung.us: This is one of the oldest tracking platform and a perfect solution for small bloggers who just want to add simple live tracking system to their sites.
Google Analytics: This is the most popular analytics platform used by individual site owners. It gives you deeper access to your stats and you can view information like regions, provinces, and cities.
Webalizer: This is a portable statistics platform and is the best choice if you are going to set up your own server. It is written in C which makes it extremely fast.
Clicktale: With Clicktale, you can get features like time on your page and conversion rates. It also has other features that are similar to Google Analytics.